Obama's Mideast policy ignores realpolitik

May 24, 2011

Being a third generation American Ashkenazi I look at the Near-East with American eyes, but with a certain sensitivity arising from my own ethnicity. President Obama and his minions are hell bent on trying to address the Israeli/Palestinian problem, and attempting to show the Arab world America's even-handiness, but ignoring the realpolitik of the region, they have opened Pandora's box relative to Israeli angst.

Israel is probably the fourth or fifth largest nuclear power in the world today, with the only democracy in the area and a very large hawkish Russian population. It doesn't take much of an imagination, with the Ashkenazi's 2,000 year experience in Europe, that this small country feeling it is being ganged up on, winds up with an extreme far right party with its hands on the nuclear buttons.

Hence, I'm afraid the only thing President Obama will accomplish with America's version of realpolitik is to destabilize this small but very powerful nuclear power which has a very, very nasty persecution complex. I'm getting this very queasy feeling that Mr. Obama will go down as another Neville Chamberlain framed by his most famous quote, "I bring you peace with honor."

Irv Cohen, Phoenix

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