Israel and the Palestinians: Two sides to every story

May 24, 2011

It's unlikely Obama will ever "sell out" Israel. However, he is doing some much-needed consciousness-raising.

The American people have been brainwashed for over half a century about the facts surrounding the creation of the state of Israel and its current expansionist policies, such as the settlement push, that have infuriated the country's neighbors.

Frankly, I have tired of the Middle East altogether and just wish my tax dollars could be spent elsewhere. I've watched the U.S. shell out trillions to countries halfway around the world when the entire region would have been better off without our meddling.

There are two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian story. While I certainly believe the Jewish state has absolute legitimacy, I do not believe its contempt for the surrounding area is warranted.

Nor do I support any form of terrorism, anywhere. However, for the first time that I can remember, an American president has had the courage to buck the Israeli lobby in Congress and AIPAC's stranglehold on our nation's mindset.

It's time America stopped worrying and intruding in the internal policies of every sovereign nation on earth. As far as Israel is concerned, it is unlikely to ever be "sold out." However, if the American people learned there may be two sides to the story, it would be a good thing for everyone — Israel included.

Roz Nester, Baltimore

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