Gas tax: It's my dime

May 24, 2011

Last week The Sun's Michael Dresser tried to convince Maryland motorists that they are responsible for the state's roads and that they have not been paying enough in tolls. This week you think motorists should cough up more money for a gas tax increase — even though motorists' fees and taxes have already been boosted this year by O'Malley and company ("A dime's difference," May 23).

Roads are part of the city and state infrastructure, as is water, sewage, electricity, etc. They are not just the responsibility of motorists, but of everybody. Have you ever heard of a city or state without roads?

You admit that Maryland doesn't spend the money on roads, but then you have the chutzpa to insinuate that with the exorbitant cost of gasoline, motorists won't even miss 10 cents anyway.

The Sunpapers needs to stick to what it does well, which is investigative journalism. I suggest you start with those useless electronic highway signs that don't work after 25 years.

The bottom line is I'd rather spend my dime as I please than let the Maryland government squander it.

Dave Crosby, Catonsville

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