Sykesville puts Norwood Avenue house on block

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  • Staff photo by Nicole Martyn
Staff photo by Nicole Martyn (Staff photo by Nicole Martyn )
May 23, 2011

SYKESVILLE — After moving a building called the Norwood Avenue House from Norwood Avenue to the William "Mac" McElroy parking lot on Oklahoma Avenue, refurbishing it, then spending more than a year trying to recruit a bank to open a branch there, the town of Sykesville is now entertaining the possibility of selling the structure.

The house was initially moved to make way for an improved parking lot between Norwood Avenue and Main Street. The move and renovation were paid for with grant money the town received from the state.

On its website, the town recently posted a request for sealed proposals to purchase the property. On May 10 a pre-bid inspection of the property was held for potential bidders.

Over the past year or so, town officials have had discussions with several banks — including New Windsor Bank and Sykesville Federal Savings Association — about leasing the property.

Sykesville currently does not have a bank branch, and getting one to locate there is seen by the officials as an important step in the revitalization of Main Street.

Matt Candland, Sykesville's town manager, said the town is still trying to find a bank to lease the property and is still "working with Carroll Community Bank."

"But we're pursuing parallel paths, so we've put it on the market, just because it's been sitting there vacant for about a year now," Candland added. "And we're not going to let it sit there forever."

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