Ridiculous: Agenda Project's Paul Ryan Medicare ad

May 22, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Fear-mongering tactics on the left are no better than fear-mongering tactics on the right. You might disagree with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal, but creating an ad that depicts Republicans shoving grandma off a cliff is a bad move for several reasons.  

1) Claiming your opponent actually wants to kill U.S. citizens is just a tiny bit extreme. Paul Ryan is trying to balance a budget. He's not a closeted murderer. Ryan's proposed budget does cut Medicare spending significantly, yes, but so does President Barack Obama's heath care law (dubbed "Obamacare" by opponents). 

2) Even as an exaggeration, the ad is inaccurate, because Ryan's budget has no change in Medicare services for anyone older than 55. 

So the Agenda Project's ad, which you can see below, fails on two fronts: 1) It serves to demonize the opposition rather than provide a logical argument; and 2) Even as exaggeration, it doesn't work, because it isn't based in fact. 

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