Preakness doughnuts: Fun, in the office, on Saturday

Editors disagree on icing flavor

May 21, 2011|By Andy Rosen, The Baltimore Sun

Not everybody at The Sun gets to spend their day in the fresh air and sunshine at Pimlico. Some of us have to stay downtown to help get the paper together and work on the website. But we're not missing out on the festivities altogether.

Peter Hermann and I recently enjoyed a few Black-eyed Susan doughnuts, which I bought at the Dunkin Donuts near the Sun offices on my way in this morning. I was surprised to see them, so I got two. It seems to me that it's more reminiscent of the flower than the famed Preakness day libation. I don't taste any orange juice or whiskey in the yellow icing that rings the pastry. There's no hint of sour mix, either. It just tastes like sugar, which is fine with me.

Peter and I disagree entirely on this. He said he detected a citric component, and did not appreciate it. He said it was derivative of "a bland tangerine." Intelligent minds can differ...

The unique element of the donut, it seems, is the hidden bottom, on which a dollop of frosting rests. We both submit that this is tasty. Peter claims to have defied the laws of physics by eating the middle first. How did he do it? He won't say.

However, he registers one final objection:

"I question calling anything a doughnut when you fill the hole in the middle."

Bavarian Cream nation is appalled.

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