Jockeys at Preakness raising money for disabled colleagues

May 21, 2011|By Don Markus, The Baltimore Sun

For the first time, a group of jockeys are selling autographed calendars with the procedes going to a fund for permanently disabled jockeys.

The calender and signing was the idea of jockey Kent Desormeux, and was organized by Sharon Dominiguez, whose husband Ramon is looking for his first Preakness win today on Dance City.

“It’s a great idea,” Ramon Dominiguez said as he signed a few of the calendars in the Clubhouse. “We’re happy to give back.”

Hall of fame jockey Jerry Bailey, who happened to walk by the table where the jockeys were signing, said, “In any sport, this kind of thing helps cement the relationship between the fan the athlete.”

Bailey said jockeys have been sigining autographs at various tracks, incluidng Pimlico, for years. “I kidded the guys that when the old guys were dong this, the line was out to Hayward Avenue. The calenders are selling for $13.95.


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