For some in the infield, it's all about the race

May 21, 2011|By Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun

For some infield folks, it really is all about the race.

 Steve Famoso of Wheeling, W.Va.,  staked out a prime spot early from which to view the action on the final turn on his 27th Preakness Day in a row. Yesterday afternoon  gripped his binoculars and cheered for Perfect Measure in one of the early races.

 He said it appeared Perfect Measure was only slightly imperfect -- placing second in a tight race.

 Famoso's Day was far from ruined. He stood to collect second place money in that race, and won $125 in an earlier race.

 "If you can go to the cashier's window, it's a good day," he said.

 Famoso, 52, said the focus was different when he was a student at the University of Maryland.

"It was sort of a tradition that college kids came here and got as drunk as we could," he said.

He approves of the recent changes made to discourage such excesses.

"It was really sad when someone would throw a can of beer at someone and the one who was hit got thrown out," he said.

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