Firefighters in Truck 1 lauded for rescue

Saved life of baby suffering heart attack

May 21, 2011

Baltimore firefighters who staff Truck Co. 1 have received a commendation from the department for saving the life of a 2-week old baby who was suffering a heart attack in February. Because of a delayed response from an ambulance, officials said the firefighters transported the infant to the hospital in their fire truck.

"The patient survived due to the quick action, and medical attention provided by members of Truck Company 1," city fire commanders said in a statement.

According to the department, the firefighters responded on Feb. 7 to an East Baltimore rowhouse in the 1600 block of N. Caroline St. for a report of a baby not breathing. Lt. Thomas F. Cate carried the baby to the front of the house, where paramedics James D. Cavasina and Franklin C. Burgess administered CPR.

No ambulance was immediately available, so Cate rushed the infant to Johns Hopkins Hospital aboard Truck 1, based at the Thomas J. Burke Fire Station on Hillen Street. The truck has ladders and rescue equipment and is normally used in fires. Officials said the baby survived.

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