Here we go again: More aid to foreign countries

May 21, 2011

Well here we go again, messing around with other countries around the world ("Obama and the Arab spring" May 20). Every time we do this we end up either picking the wrong side or just get everybody involved mad at us. President Obama already has managed to get Libya, Syria, Egypt and Israel mad at us. Sometimes it is just best to mind your own business and just butt out.

The liberal news media pick on Sarah Palin for her lack of foreign affairs knowledge, well President Obama seems to be running a close second. On top of this he also promises to forgive Egypt over $1 billion in debt as well as guaranteeing a $1 billion loan, all of which is with money we have to borrow to give away. When he gives the first $1 billion out of his book royalties, then come to me for something, and we will see what I will do

Stuart Tamres, Pikesville

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