Hancock makes unfounded, uninformed allegations

May 21, 2011

I object in the strongest terms to the unfounded allegations in Jay Hancock's column "Self-referral rules or not, business as usual for clinic" (May 17). The column is a one-sided, uninformed attack on the integrity of those who practice and work at Chesapeake Urology Associates.

At Chesapeake Urology, treatment decisions are made by our patients and their families only after all available options are presented and discussed. We only do what is best for our patients. To suggest otherwise, as Mr. Hancock does, is insulting to us and to our profession.

Further, Chesapeake Urology is operating in full compliance with all state and federal laws, and any suggestion to the contrary is false.

Mr. Hancock should know that, in fact, the cost of treating prostate cancer patients at Chesapeake Urology's Prostate Center is no higher than in other settings. It is actually 56 percent more expensive for a patient with prostate cancer to be treated with radiation therapy in a Maryland hospital than in a medical practice such as Chesapeake Urology.

And he might be surprised to learn that the percentage of Chesapeake Urology patients diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010 who chose to be treated with radiation therapy at our Prostate Center was dramatically lower than the national average for utilization of radiation therapy for prostate cancer treatment.

The physicians and staff at Chesapeake Urology have been providing urologic care to Marylanders for more than two decades. It is a shame that Mr. Hancock chooses to pursue his agenda while attacking those who do nothing but keep the best interests of their patients front and center every day.

Sanford Siegel, Owings Mills

The writer is president and CEO of Chesapeake Urology Associates.

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