Letters: Doctors, public need education on Lyme disease

May 20, 2011

I was bit by tiny ticks that were the size of a pencil tip in Cecil County in the fall of 2009. In a matter of weeks I had strange symptoms; heart palpitations, shooting pains, joint pain, and abdominal pain but I never got a rash. I wouldn't have known what was wrong with me if it weren't for the fact I had recently seen the film "Under Our Skin," a documentary about Lyme disease. I went through an initial round of antibiotics which made me even sicker. After seeing several doctors I was told 'that I had MS' since my symptoms weren't going away. I decided to start researching online and find a Lyme literate doctor.

I am getting better, but I have chronic Lyme disease that requires more than just the standard 30 days of antibiotics. Most mainstream doctors would disagree, but Lyme research shows this to be the case. The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society website says that less than 50 percent of patients see a rash, countering the CDC statistics which were derived from a narrow band of cases. Doctors and the community need to be educated about this silent epidemic.

Sara Kenney


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