Schaefer will surprises even closest aide

May 19, 2011

Seems like all of the people included in William Donald Schaefer's will were surprised to find themselves there. Even his closest aide and biggest beneficiary said she was "stunned."

"I was very shocked, you know," Lainy LeBow-Sachs, who got $500,000 plus 25 percent of whatever is left of the estimated $2.4 million estate after it is distributed, told me the day the will was made public.

"I was stunned by it. I’m just in such a state of -- I’m numb. I just found out about it. ... He did what he wanted to do. It was his thing and he wanted to do it."

The monetary value of the bequest was beside the point for her, LeBow-Sachs said.

"Money, it doesn’t mean anything to me," she said. "The governor, he left me that money. I can't even take it into my head. He did it. He’s so wonderful. He loved me and I loved him."

Schaefer had told LeBow-Sachs that he planned to leave money to quite a few people, she said.

"He's so wonderful and he just wanted to touch everybody a little bit. I know he thought about it over and over again and looked at it a million times. ... He gave to different people that he thought of, which I loved. He did talk to me a little bit about that. That part I did know about. A little bit, very little. The governor, over time, we talked on and off about that kind of stuff.

"I never even thought about the fact that it would be made public. Of course, I never thought he would ever die."

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