We know who got Schaefer's money, but who got the cat?

May 18, 2011|By Laura Vozzella

So you got left out of William Donald Schaefer’s will, too? What are we, chopped liver?

Now that we know who did (and didn’t) get the former mayor, governor and comptroller’s money, we’re left to wonder just one thing — a thing, as it happens, that’s related to chopped liver: Who got the cat?

Willie IV, an orange-and-white stray, became Schaefer’s roommate at Charlestown retirement community in March 2009.

As the Roman numeral at the end of his name indicates, the cat came after Willies I, II and III. But those were dogs. Willie IV was his first cat, unless you count the stray that used to hang around his house when he was mayor.

So wither Willie IV?

I posed that question to longtime aide Lainy LeBow-Sachs on Wednesday, the day after Schaefer's will became public.

“Willie, Willie, Willie,” she began.

“I really wanted to take Willie but I just couldn’t,” said LeBow-Sachs, who received $500,000 in the will, plus a quarter of whatever is left of the estimated $2.4 million estate after it is distributed.

LeBow-Sachs assured me that she’d found the cat a good home with someone else, someone who wouldn’t want to go public.

She’d say only this much: “It’s in a private home, a really good home.”

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