Report a merchant violation to Visa, MasterCard: Consumer Websites of the Week

May 18, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

If you encounter a sticky situation when you try to use your Visa or MasterCard at a store, there's another way to report a possible violation than just calling the toll-free customer service number. 

I discovered MasterCard's online merchant violation forms via Consumerist, and it turns out Visa has one as well.

For MasterCard's merchant violation form, you must choose from one of several options: either you were charged a fee to use your credit card, or required identification, or refused to accept a MasterCard even though they displayed a MasterCard logo.

They also let you report that a merchant requires a minimum (or maximum) purchase to use the card, although under the recent credit card reform act, stores can require up to a $10 minimum purchase for credit.

Visa's merchant violation form lets you report when a store sets a minimum purchase requirement when using a debit card, or when they refuse your Visa while displaying the logo or charge you a payment fee. They also ask about minimum charges set for credit cards, but only if they exceed $10.

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