Torrey Smith is going to miss Gary Williams' fist pumps

May 17, 2011|By Matt Vensel

When I chatted with former Terps wide receiver Torrey Smith on Monday about his future with the Ravens, I had to get his take on the retirement of Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams.

The legendary men's coach surprisingly called it quits two weeks ago and the school scrambled to hire Mark Turgeon a few days later. Smith says Williams' fist pumps will be missed.

"Gary was a great friend of the football program and he’s a great coach," said Smith, who can hold his own on the court. "I’m sure everyone’s going to miss that fist pump. He’s done some great things for the university over the years so he’s definitely going to be missed. As far as the new coach coming in, you know he did a great job in the Big 12 at Texas A&M. He’s a young, exciting coach and hopefully that’s going to help with recruiting and hopefully getting the right guys in."

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