Did Texas A&M's new coach take a shot at Mark Turgeon?

May 17, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Texas A&M introduced its new men's basketball coach, Billy Kennedy, on Monday. During the press conference, the former Murray State coach, who has made 13 stops in his 26 years on the college circuit, praised his predecessor, new Maryland coach Mark Turgeon. He then explained why the Texas A&M gig was his "dream job." In doing so, he made an interesting reference to Turgeon.

"This is a dream job for me. I don’t want to go anywhere," Kennedy told reporters, according to The Houston Chronicle. "There’s no Maryland, Kansas, Carolina, wherever. I’m from Louisiana, family is close, I’ve got a base there. Now I’m from Texas. I plan on retiring here."

There's no Maryland...?

Was that a dig on Turgeon, who left Texas A&M after four years to replace Gary Williams at Maryland?

Without context, it certainly doesn't sound good. But watch the video from Kennedy's media session and judge for yourself.

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