What is going on at Western High School?

May 17, 2011

Regarding the story ("Western to review commencement policy," May 17) which said: "A tradition that permits only those graduates going on to four year colleges to participate in commencement exercises is being reconsidered at Western High School," I ask, what kind of tradition is that?

The message I get is: If you don't go on to a 4 year college your education is meaningless. Drop out now.

I'm speechless as I was when I learned a few weeks ago that the same school failed to send some student transcripts to colleges thus compromising their college acceptances. What is going on here?

The school fails the students trying to go on to college directly from high school and dismisses everyone else as not worthy of celebrating their high school diploma.

Dangerous pranks taking place at the school appear to be only the tip of the iceberg, and complaints about the No Child Left Behind program rampant these days are specious when school management is this poor.

S.M. Schmidt

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