Sun gives tea party a free ride

May 17, 2011

I am trying to hang in with The Sun.

Despite running no international soccer news, no international news aside from the littlest paragraphs, and publishing columnists like Marta Mossburg without disclosing her financial support from a demonstrably biased "Institute," I read this newspaper but you are making it so very hard to hang in there.

The latest case in point is the front page article about whether the Congress will vote yea or nay on whether the US will meet its debt obligations ("Debt limit, litmus test," May 16).

Your reporter solicited many quotes: one each from Maryland's two GOP congressmen as well as a handful from several tea party representatives. Yet somehow your reporter was unable to locate any Marylander or anyone from a Maryland-based organization who takes the contrarian view that the US ought to meet its debt obligations.

What is going on? Please let me know and keep your circulation department informed, too. I can wait a couple more weeks…

Richard Baldwin Cook, Hunt Valley

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