Video: The O'Reilly vs. Stewart debate

May 17, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

We've been waiting all weekend for the heavyweight debate over rapper Common's invitation to a White House poetry reading. Monday night, it finally happened, as Comedy Central's Jon Stewart sat down across the table from Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. 

O'Reilly made the case that White House guests should be thoroughly vetted and be "almost unimpeachable." 

Stewart argued that Common was not celebrating cop killing with some of his lyrics, but merely arguing that he believed certain convicted murderers were actually innocent. 

At that, O'Reilly joked: "Is this Perry Mason we're talking about now?"

Stewart then pointed out that Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Bono all have lyrics questioning convictions and have been to the White House. 

"Why are you drawing the line at Common?" Stewart asked. "Be consistent with your outrage." 

This line of argument prompted O'Reilly to raise his voice. 

"You know this guy is sympathizing with two cop killers. You know that!" he said.

It was entertaining TV. I've already stated I think the facts were on Stewart's side in this debate, but decide for yourself who won: 

• O'Reilly vs. Stewart, Part I 

• O'Reilly vs. Stewart, Part II 

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