Can Woods win a tourney again this year or next?

May 16, 2011

Not this year

Mike Bianchi

Orlando Sentinel

At the rate Tiger Woods is going, I'm starting to wonder if he will even play in another tournament this year or next. I'm not saying he's getting old right before our eyes, but his caddie must feel like Morgan Freeman in "Driving Miss Daisy."

Tiger traditionally plays a limited schedule anyway, but with the latest knee injury, you can almost count on him only entering a handful of tournaments the rest of the year. That in itself drastically limits the chances of his winning, as does his inability to practice.

Tiger will not win a tournament this year, but I won't rule it out next year.

The question everyone is asking now is this: Do you believe he will still beat Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors? Puh-leeze. Beat Jack Nicklaus? The way Tiger's body and golf game are breaking down, he'd have a hard time beating Jack Nicholson right now.

Keeps looking worse

Teddy Greenstein

Chicago Tribune

Who could have imagined that my preseason prediction of two PGA Tour titles and zero majors for Tiger Woods represented optimism? Or perhaps now a best-case scenario. The Masters was his best chance for a major, a place with fairways he could miss and greens he has memorized.

Woods is currently experiencing the triple crown of golf hell — flawed swing, no legs and a muddled mind. Making it worse, Woods seemingly has no idea how to escape, no lifeline. This is new territory for him.

I'll stick with my 2/0 prediction out of stubbornness, but I really doubt he'll hoist any trophies this year.

Health holds him back

Diane Pucin

Los Angeles Times

When Tiger Woods moves less impressively around a golf course than my 83-year-old golf-loving dad, no, he will not be winning a golf tournament this year.

What Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee said made sense. He suggested Woods shut down for the rest of the year. How else can he heal his knee and his Achilles?

Those sorts of injuries don't just go away in a month. And what is the point of trying to limp through a U.S. Open only to find himself in some other awkward position where he hits some crazily creative shot that sends pain down his leg?

Next year? Who can possibly know? When Woods has made swing changes in the past it's taken two years for them to kick in, and that was a mentally and physically healthy Woods.

He's physically unable

Mark Wogenrich

The Morning Call

Perhaps if he receives a medical exemption to use a golf cart.

It was clear from Woods' feeble wedge game Thursday at The Players Championship that he's in no shape to play right now. After his round, friend Mark O'Meara said Woods' coach, Sean Foley, told him that Woods was "having a hard time walking."

After withdrawing, Woods gave no indication whether his injury was merely an awkward limp or a career-ending blowout. Woods' game face hides a fear that his game is slipping away.

O'Meara later joked that Woods appeared mentally and spiritually fine, seeing as how he picked up a dinner tab at Ruth's Chris. They put a good sizzle on the steak there. Wonder when we'll see that again from Woods.

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