Rodricks on illegal immigrants: sheer hypocrisy

May 16, 2011

Dan Rodricks' commentary "'Illegals' and the next economy" (May 15) is the epitome of hypocrisy.

If his son or daughter, despite being stellar students, were rejected from college because of a lack of openings, as it happened to two of my friends' children, the tone of his commentary would have been different. If it touched Mr. Rodricks directly, he'd have a huge problem explaining his stand to his own children.

What could be more biased than appealing to the touching drama of "Dr. Q" and what he has been able to do for himself? But the issue is that parents who come here illegally should be held accountable, and they're not. If people know they are not going to be punished for illegal deeds they will keep doing it.

And by the way, the numbers quoted by Mr. Rodricks' "trusted" sources are just rubbish. What are those estimates of undocumented workers' payments based on? Interested parties promote a long list of distorted data to deflect the debate in the direction he's taken.

I'd like to hear what Mr. Rodricks has to say when someone close to him is denied an education because their place was taken by a future "Dr. Q."

Sam Elrom

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