The Sun should stop liberal cheerleading

May 16, 2011

Regarding the editorial "Playing chicken with the economy" (May 15) , when President Obama presented his original budget, it contained no spending cuts and totally ignored reigning in entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). Only after the Republicans proposed spending cuts did the president revise his budget to include spending cuts. Was this a demonstration of courage on President Obama's part? Leading from behind is not leadership and requires no courage.

It seems that President Obama's and the Democrats' idea of courage or compromise is when the other side capitulates and they get their way. Was there any compromise by the Democrats on ObamaCare or the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill? They jammed them through and told the Republicans to sit quietly in the back seat.

While I am frustrated with both parties for getting us in the mess we are in, it seems that the only courage being displayed in Washington these days is by a small group of Republicans that The Sun has consistently berated as crazy, extremist members of the "evil" tea party They are willing to stand on principle and stop kicking the can down a road that is fast approaching a cliff. If someone does not stop these non-principled, maintain-the-status-quo Democrats and Republicans, the consequences for all Americans will be an extreme reduction in our standard of living. We need to address the over-spending now. To delay these decisions is to increase the pain.

Strong leadership and courage requires tackling tough issues head on, being honest with the American people and doing what is right for our country. Most of today's politicians are more interested in maintaining their power. Liberal media outlets like The Sun are complicit in this effort, as they are nothing more than a megaphone for the liberal cause. The Sun should show some courage and stop the liberal cheerleading and campaigning.

Steven Fonte, Linthicum

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