Crime and foreclosures have not spiked in Lauraville

May 13, 2011

In your editorial ( "Healing Neighborhoods" May 8) you alleged that violent crime and foreclosures in northeast Baltimore City have spiked. You proceeded to name our community, Lauraville, as one of the impacted neighborhoods. However, you then failed to provide any evidence to support your erroneous claim as it related to Lauraville. If you had taken time to look at the crime statistics and foreclosures/housing values you would discover that your allegations are without foundation.

It is very troubling to see The Sun publish articles characterizing communities based on poor reporting and research. I would respectfully suggest that you spend a great deal more time and attention to getting your facts correct. As a consequence of your actions, instead of spending the summer enjoying the fruits of our community's renaissance, I and the dedicated activists in Lauraville will be working to correct the damage your paper has done to the hard won reputation of our community. I look forward to seeing a retraction that is given the same prominence as the ill conceived article.

Kenneth Lockie, Baltimore

The writer is president of the Lauraville Improvement Association.

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