Grand jury subpoena in Ehrlich robocall case lands on the cafe table

May 13, 2011|By Laura Vozzella

I got a surprising update Friday on the state prosecutor's criminal probe into the Ehrlich campaign's deceptive election-night robocall.

The update: They've just subpoenaed someone to testify before a grand jury on the matter later this month.

The surprising part: The subpoena was served on that someone right in front of me.

He and I were sitting in a cafe Friday morning, chatting about things political but in no way related to Bob Ehrlich, campaign operative Julius Henson or the robocall that falsely assured voters, before the polls closed that November night, that they should "relax," sit back and watch the election on TV because Gov. Martin O'Malley had already won.

As we talked, my companion got a call on his cell phone. I heard him tell whomever was on the other end that he was at the cafe. He provided the address. Just a few minutes later, in walked a process server, who presented him with the subpoena.

Since our cafe chat was off the record, I agreed not to identify the subpoena recipient by name if he allowed me to recount what had transpired.

I asked the process server if he had or was about to deliver other subpoenas in the case, but he wasn't saying. The Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor, which doesn't comment on ongoing cases as a matter of policy, was mum, too.

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