This Democrat is disgusted

May 12, 2011

And so it begins, the price to be paid for giving illegal aliens in-state tuition fees. It begins with the loss of funding for the Distinguished Scholars Fund. The best and the brightest of our law-abiding young adults are left to scramble for the $3,000 that they were awarded, and to add insult to injury, the notification came too late for them to choose other schools! How disgusting! Governor, did you use the same pen to erase their futures that you used to give my tax dollars to help lawbreakers? I'd like to think so, what a money-saver that would be! Sorry that I missed that photo op!

How disingenuous to pretend that you did it for Maryland to have better educated citizens! What about the LIndsay Michockis of this state, can't get much better minds than that in any state of the union. Perhaps in a political mind no price is too high when the road ahead may lead to the White House, especially if others are paying the bill. I am a very disgusted Democrat.

Barbara Bowling, Dundalk.

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