Community colleges are for those willing to help themselves

May 12, 2011

What a disservice your article did to the many wonderful community colleges that were sneered at in "'Cooling out' poor, minority kids in community college" (May 9).

I am sure there are millions of people who disagree with you. I know many students who attended community college and then went on to successful careers.

I was talking to a young lady recently who is an aide in a nursing home. She enrolled in Cecil Community College to become a registered nurse. But she was not complaining about how the educational community is unfair to her as a poor, white woman. Instead, she is doing something on her own to better her chances in life.

Sixty years ago my mother died when I was a senior in high school. I wanted to go to college and my father did pay for my first year at a two-year secretarial school. But then he told me he would not pay for any more schooling for me, since girls went on to marry and didn't need an education.

I understood that his thinking was the prevailing wisdom of that time. However, I got a job, worked and saved enough money to go to a four-year college that helped out by providing me with jobs and assistance.

I am forever grateful to everyone who helped me, but I had to do the initial tasks by doing what I had to do instead of waiting for society do everything for me.

Marie Mullen, Joppa

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