LUSH cosmetics: Good, clean fun

May 12, 2011|By Jasmine Wiggins

I’ll admit, I don’t think I’ve ever stepped foot into a LUSH store.  I always found the stores to be a wee bit intimidating, and I didn't know much about the store. The other day, a box of LUSH products showed up for me to try. It’s kind of like food: if you put it in front of me, I’ll probably try it. That, and when I mentioned I received Lush products to any of my friends they all kind of freaked out, so I figured I’d been missing something.

First of all, I had no idea that Lush had such an enviro-friendly mission, which is great. Products are handmade using organic fruits and veggies (when possible) and essential oils that are "ethically sourced.” They’re also 100 percent vegetarian and more than 81 percent vegan. I also had no idea that none of the products sold in-store are more than six months old. Products are packaged, or let’s say not packaged with the environment in mind too. More than half are free of preservatives too.

I went in a skeptic and came out a believer. I tried the Honey, I Washed the Kids soap, of which the first ingredient is honey, and I loved it! The smell was sweet and pleasant and left my skin feeling clean without feeling over-dried. I have sensitive skin and have to be very careful about what I use. After three days, I have no breakouts or problems to report.

I also tried the Ocean Salt scrub, with sea salt, avocado butter, coconut and lime. I also liked this product a lot too. I smoothed it on my face, and it buffed away dead skin without irritating my sensitive skin. I will say I definitely felt like my makeup went on smoother and looked better than usual.

Marissa, at b, says she’s tried the shampoo bars and loves them. She says they last for months, and it’s worth the money.

Lush’s newest store to the Baltimore area recently opened in The Mall in Columbia. There's also a store in Towson Town Center. I say check it out if you’re into organic cosmetics, you might be surprised.

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