Your turn: After bull riding, what should Ochocinco try next?

May 11, 2011|By Matt Vensel

In March, Chad Ochocinco was unsuccessful in his attempt to make it in the MLS. For his next stunt, the outspoken Bengals wide receiver -- at least for now -- will attempt to ride a raging bull this weekend at a Professional Bull Riders event in Duluth, Ga.

I'm guessing you will be rooting for the bull in this one.

Ochocinco will earn $10,000 if he doesn't chicken out and actually rides a bull. If he can hang on for eight seconds, he'll win a new Ford truck and get to rename the beast that he conquered.

Yeah, Ochocinco is desperate for attention, but at least he isn't subjecting us to a reality show this summer. For viewers, "The Ultimate Catch" was the TV equivalent of getting trampled by a bull.

Once again, it's been an interesting offseason for Ochocinco, who is making the most of the NFL lockout by doing his untelevised take on "Shaq Vs." He played soccer with Sporting Kansas City. He is doing the bull riding thing this weekend. And he claims he wants to get in the ring with Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, who said that he would consider taking time out of his busy boxing schedule to slap around Ochocinco for charity.

Your turn: What should Ochocinco try next after getting tossed around by a bull this weekend?

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