Who should have gone to Ground Zero with Obama?

May 10, 2011

Letter writer John Holter criticizes President Bush for not attending Ground Zero with the current president ("Bush should have gone to Ground Zero," May 8).

I wonder if Mr. Holter is aware that former President Clinton also declined an initiation to visit Ground Zero with President Obama?

Does Mr. Holter feel that former President Clinton also turned his back on his supporters, the dignity of the office of president and the victory we are now celebrating?

George Bush has refrained from criticizing Mr. Obama since the new president took office, despite the fact that Mr. Obama has criticized President Bush relentlessly.

Before leaving office, Mr. Bush made the decision to allow President Obama to enjoy the spotlight of the presidency unencumbered by political input from him. This is a trait he learned from his father, who upon leaving office never criticized or attempted to derail the presidency of Mr. Clinton.

This is how ex-presidents and gentlemen are supposed to act. This is how they used to act, until Jimmy Carter the buffoon came along. Many people forget this.

Michael DeCicco, Severn

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