Luke Scott says his shoulder's hurt — where's the proof?

May 10, 2011

The citizens of Baltimore are being told to believe it just because he and his advisors said it is so. Luke Scott wants all of us to accept as fact that he has a shoulder problem ("Scott has torn labrum in shoulder," May 10), yet he has failed to produce the live results of his MRI medical tests for Orioles' fans to see for themselves.

Might this medical condition be a plan of action earlier conceived to have us believe his struggles are acceptable?

He plans to "play through the pain, pray and believe in my miracle healing. That's it. I've had miracle healing before." Why doesn't he just have the live results of the test published for all of us to see and examine firsthand, go without medical intervention, and then play with increasingly higher results? This way we all get the opportunity to believe in medical miracles. Publish the medical tests for all to see for themselves instead of just telling us to take his word as truth.

Charles Livingston

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