Green energy vs. oil

May 10, 2011

Re your article "Demand, not speculation, cited for rising oil prices" (May 8), while demand is a factor in rising oil prices, multiple factors must be included to get the entire picture of why prices are rising.

International Energy Agency chief economist Fatih Birol must not be paying attention to current events; how can he not include the recent Libyan crisis and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami as factors in rising gas prices?

"We have to learn to live with these higher prices," Mr. Birol said. This shows a clear disconnect between himself and the American public. Some people simply do not have the means at this time to "learn to live" with higher prices.

Citizens should never be complacent about the economic landscape. Oil is the drug holding the United States back from becoming the world's No. 1 economic power. If investments were made in green energy sources, the U.S. could trim the fat holding it back in the global marketplace.

We are not using the same computer technology we used 100 years ago, so why are we using the same energy technology?

Ryan Serdenes, Bel Air

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