The Talk: Reclaiming the Inner Harbor for Baltimoreans

May 10, 2011

In the wake of last week's ideas for adding some "wow factor" to the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill resident Jake Stern says the city should be considering ideas to make the space attractive to residents, not just tourists. A space like Chicago's Millennium Park would do the trick; zip lines, not so much, he says.

With the release of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's second annual County Health Rankings Report for Maryland, showing once again that Baltimore City ranks at the bottom of the state, Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot suggests three ways individuals, businesses and organizations can help make Baltimore healthier by 2015.

And Dan Rodricks touts the possibilities of thorium, a radioactive material that proponents believe could provide a safe alternative to current nuclear power technology.

Education advocate Fred Millar's op-ed Monday on what he describes as the "cooling out" effect of community colleges -- essentially that they subtly discourage students from getting four-year degrees -- generated strong criticism from community college graduates and faculty.

On the editorial page, we take stock of the U.S. relationship with Pakistan. After the bin Laden raid, we don't trust them, and they don't trust us, but the alliance is too crucial to both sides for us to walk away.

And we say that Gov. Martin O'Malley should veto a bill that would make waste-to-energy incinerators a Tier 1 renewable on par with wind and solar power. Waste-to-energy may have a place in state environmental and energy policy, but this bill isn't the way to encourage it.

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