22 parents owing child support arrested in weekend raids

Baltimore City Sheriff's Office conducts two-day raid before Mother's Day

May 08, 2011|By Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun

Twenty-two parents owing nearly $328,000 in back child support were arrested late last week during the fifth annual raid by the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office, officials said.

The child support sweep is typically held the week before Mother's Day. This year, 17 deputy sheriffs took part in the two-day raid that started at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday and Friday.

While most of the offenders were men, five women were taken into custody, the highest number since the sweeps began, Captain Sam Cogen said Sunday.

Officials estimate there are more than 2,000 outstanding warrants for parents who once lived in Baltimore or still do. The Sheriff's Office, which has a team assigned to locate parents wanted for child support offenses, typically arrests more than 30 adults each month.

Contact the Child Support Warrant Unit at 410-396-1155 if you have information to report on those wanted on warrants.


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