What would you say to an Inner Harbor pinwheel?

May 08, 2011

Baltimore should have a landmark structure that is uniquely Baltimore and becomes its trademark to all the world. The Sun is right in its editorial ("Inner Harbor Eiffel Tower?" May 6) — none of the current proposals come anywhere close to making the grade.

As we embark on the American Visionary Arts Museum annual Kinetic Arts Race, an idea occurs to me: How about a gigantic whirligig that towers over the Inner Harbor and incorporates iconic Baltimore images? Imagine our own Watts Tower that includes images of beehives and skipjacks, crabs and beer, Orioles and Ravens and Colts, tire planters and pink flamingos, Mr. Boh and Nipper.

Our local artists should have no difficulty coming up with competitive designs that scream Baltimore. I'm excited already!

Harry Schwarz, Columbia

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