Commander-in-chief Obama

May 07, 2011

President Obama chose the time, method, and strategy for addressing the terrorist threat posed by Osama bin Laden. He was responsible for the decision, and he was accountable for the results. No matter what point of view you might hold, this president must be credited for effective leadership and management as a commander-in-chief, consoler-in-chief, comedian-in-chief and educator-in-chief.

Very few individuals could deal with a weather-related catastrophic situation on Friday morning, provide an inspirational speech at a college commencement on Friday afternoon, attend and actively participate in a formal White House Correspondent's dinner on Saturday evening, play golf on Sunday morning and all the while manage a major event impacting the safety of civilized society by Sunday night.

He is methodical, disciplined, focused and pragmatic in his approach. Credit is well-deserved.

James C. Morant, Baltimore

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