Greivis Vasquez on Gary Williams: 'I will always love him'

May 06, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Former Maryland star Greivis Vasquez has never been afraid to gush about now-retired basketball coach Gary Williams and the impact he has had on his life and his career. The shimmying sharpshooter often expressed his love and adoration for Williams during their four years together in College Park.

The gushing continued Thursday night when Comcast SportsNet tracked down Vasquez, whose Memphis Grizzlies are in the second round of the NBA playoffs, for his thoughts on his former college coach's stunning retirement.

“Wow, man, when I heard about Coach Williams, I was really shocked,” Vasquez said [via D.C. Sports Bog]. “I couldn’t believe it. But I support him 100 percent. My coach, I love my coach, man, I will always love him and support him no matter what. I think he’s one of those coaches that is gonna be hard to replace.”

Vasquez said that Williams was the type of coach who "can always get it done with any type of player."

"I mean, the numbers don’t lie," he said. "He won a championship, went to two Final Fours, won the ACC tournament, ACC regular season. I mean, he did so much for the school. It’s gonna be really hard for a lot of fans and people at Maryland to just let this man go. He was unbelievable. What a career."

Few people in Garyland would argue with that.

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