Winner BEST OF Harford 2011 - Best Physician - Dr. Jason Menges

Harford County Chiropractor wins Harford Magazine's 2011 Readers' Poll

May 06, 2011|By Jennifer K. Dansicker

A new winner has risen from the community in one of the most sought after categories in Harford’s BEST OF Readers’ Poll this year. Dr. Jason Menges, a practicing chiropractor for over 12 years, has made his mark on Harford County by improving the lives and physical conditions of hundreds of his patients.

Current patient and Bel Air resident John Berry says, “I went to Dr. Menges for leg pain, and I didn’t want to have to go through surgery. Dr. Menges was really straightforward with me. He developed a plan and my pain has subsided.”

Dr. Menges, 41, has lived and worked in Harford County since 2001. He is the father of three and has been married to his wife Kimberly for 14 years. His undergraduate degree is from Towson University and his chiropractic degree is from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. “After I graduated from Towson, I was having terrible headaches every day, and one of my friends recommended that I see a chiropractor. I was so impressed. It really worked for me. I packed my bags and moved to Georgia to pursue my career.”

Dr. Menges admits that sometimes chiropractors can help and sometimes they can’t. “There is a subset of people who have problems that are significant enough to effect them on a daily basis, but not so severe that they require surgery. A lot of these people can get significant relief with the things we can do for them,” says Dr. Menges.

Longtime patient Andy Deck suffers from back pain and has seen several chiropractors and physical therapists over the years. “I am a professional athlete and, as such, I constantly subject myself to training and competitions that many people would consider crazy. Dr. Menges not only has never discouraged me from doing what I love, but has gone out of his way to offer any help and advice he can to keep me healthy and minimize the damage I do to myself.”

Dr. Menges has gained the confidence of his patients through his precision and skill as well as his friendly and professional staff. His type of alternative medicine provides relief for many people in chronic pain. “I had a woman who had neuropathy in her feet. She was in constant pain, and it kept her up at night. Other doctors told her to ‘deal with it,’ ” explains Dr. Menges. “I discharged her last week and she said, ‘I don’t know how to thank you.’ Through non-surgical techniques and without drugs, we were able to help her.”

“We try to look at our patients as individuals. We look closely at their problem, their life experience and help them to find a plan and solution that makes them feel most comfortable,” say Dr. Menges.  Voted “Best Physician,” Dr. Menges is this year’s BEST OF Harford winner because of his tireless commitment to his patients and his community. 

Best Physician Dr. Jason Menges
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