Dutch, bin Laden and the old-folks home, er "continuing care active adult community"

May 06, 2011|By Laura Vozzella

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger's office would like you to know:

"As a Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Ruppersberger has received regular briefings on the top-secret operation and its implications for our nation's future security."

Just so you don't think in-the-loop-on-Osama Dutch is getting too big for his britches, the news release that touted his top-secret cred was announcing the Congressman's appearance Friday morning at a Parkville retirement community.

The headline on the release: "Ruppersberger to Share Insights on Bin Laden Raid, National Security with Baltimore Seniors."

“While the death of bin Laden is one of the most significant achievements in the war on terrorism, we are not yet in the clear,” Ruppersberger says in the release. “I am looking forward to discussing the effects of this historic event and having a candid conversation about our national security priorities with my constituents.”

And if the seniors at Oak Crest Retirement Community are more concerned about Social Security than national security, I'm sure the Congressman will have the inside scoop on that, too.

Update: I just heard from Dan Dunne, communications director for Erickson Living, who took great offense at my use of the term "old-folks home" to describe what he said is, in fact, "an active adult community" or "continuing care retirement community." Duly noted.

Dunne also took issue with my suggestion that the crowd might be more interested in Social Security than national security.  "There was no discussion on Social Security," he said.

In retrospect, that makes sense. Today's seniors probably don't need to fret about Social Security. It's people my age who have to worry it won't be there when we get to the active adult continuing care retirement community.  

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