Capture and try bin Laden? War is not a time for half measures

May 05, 2011

I believe it is sheer folly to speculate on whether or not there was any intention of capturing Osama bin Laden. There most certainly was not.

We are at war, and in war the mission of our military is to destroy the enemy. This was done in by the Navy SEALs in a brilliantly planned and executed operation under the authority of President Obama. Hopefully, remaining terrorist leaders will be rooted out and executed in a similar fashion. There is no room for half measures in war. He who kills the most and the most often will be victorious, particularly when fighting an insurgency of other non-nation foes. He who holds back when facing a ruthless opponent will lose. The United States must win the war against terrorists and must use any and all measures to do so, without apology. I can think of a group of 3,000 Americans who would be in total agreement with my opinion.

Marc Raim, Baltimore

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