Your turn: What if Mendenhall played for the Ravens?

May 04, 2011|By Matt Vensel

You have probably seen Rashard Mendenhall's controversial Tweets about Osama bin Laden and chances are you have bashed the Steelers running back while discussing the hot topic with friends, coworkers or your fellow commenters on this site.

If you have no idea what I'm referring to, you can read about Mendenhall's Tweets here.

It's easy to criticize a rival player for saying something idiotic. But if Mendenhall was a member of the Ravens, some fans would feel conflicted about whether they should root for him, especially if he started piling up touchdowns once the season started.

A comparison can be made to Orioles slugger Luke Scott, though his recent comments are far less controversial. Scott questioned the validity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate during the offseason, and some of those "Luuuuke" chants turned into legitimate boos when Scott stepped into the batter's box at Camden Yards. But now that the slugger has hit four home runs in his past six games, chances are the boo-birds will be an endangered species during the Orioles' next homestand.

Like I said, Scott's comments came from way out of left field while Mendenhall's were from a whole different universe. The Steelers organization has since distanced itself from its starting running back as if he had just pulled the pin on a hand grenade. And many Pittsburgh fans want to see Mendenhall get shipped out of town.

And preferably out of the country.

We'll see if that changes if Mendenhall scores three touchdowns against the Ravens in Week 1.

You tell me: Hypothetically, if Mendenhall was the Ravens' starting running back -- and yes, I know he's a bum and you would never want him here, but this is a hypothetical -- how would you react to his controversial Tweets? Would you boo him? Would you burn his jersey? Would you want him to be exiled from Baltimore?

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