CEOs and community

May 03, 2011

One overlooked victim of globalization is corporate community citizenship. As CEOs, bankers and investors all attempt to squeeze every last penny of shareholder value, we have lost sight of how corporations can and should shape and define values within a community.

Three decades ago, CEOs like Jack Moseley, Hank Butta and BGE's George McGowan ran their businesses and built community. They worked together and invested their assets in making this city better.

Sadly, they are no longer admired or regarded highly for their important involvement in the redevelopment of Baltimore's downtown. The death of William Donald Schaefer marked the end of a wonderful chapter in which government leaders and corporate leaders worked together to complete important projects that built a sense of community and pride. They were partners, not enemies.

I long for the days when CEOs once again get together to discuss what is best for the community and not what is best for their investors' bottom lines. Maybe Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake can convene regular and substantive meetings of local CEOs in an effort to make Baltimore a "home" for business and a better place to live and work.

Peter Shafer, Lutherville

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