Ticketmaster pays penalty for resale redirect: Naughty Business of the Week

May 03, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

Some Springsteen fans will be reimbursed through a penalty paid by Ticketmaster to the consumer protection division of the Maryland Attorney General's office after they paid for seats for a 2009 Verizon Center show through a ticket resale site.

Apparently, some of the customers were misled into buying 'speculative' seats via the TicketsNow site --- the site didn't actually have the tickets in hand but expected to be able to buy them elsewhere.

But the customers weren't informed of this and in the end more than 200 were left without tickets to the show, which is why we're highlighting this as our Naughty Business of the Week

Ticketmaster admitted no wrongdoing in this case but paid a $90,000 penalty, as well as $25,000 to the consumer protection division to cover their costs. The company also paid an additional $10,000 to reimburse customers who had not already been compensated.

The Federal Trade Commission and others had settled similar claims against Ticketmaster in the past.

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