Colbert mocks bin Laden's hideout as 'less dangerous' Baltimore

May 02, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Stephen Colbert was on fire tonight on "The Colbert Report." 

In between calling Fox News' Geraldo Rivera a "19th-century circus ringmaster" (!) and mocking Afghanistan's heroin production, Colbert turned his focus on Osama bin Laden and our fair city of Baltimore. 

Colbert told the following joke: 

"Relations with Pakistan could get rough. They had to know bin Laden was there. His million-dollar compound was less than 40 miles from Pakistan's capital. That's like escaping Washington D.C. by hiding out in Baltimore. Except that Abbottabad is much less dangerous than Baltimore." 

Even during bin Laden's killing (and amid lower crime rates here) Baltimore can't shake its national reputation as a murder haven.

Unfair? Perhaps.

Funny? Definitely.  

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