Sony offers PlayStation users freebies after data breach

May 02, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

Gamers: how do you feel about Sony's offer of free stuff after hackers accessed the PlayStation network, compromising information including credit card numbers and birthdates?

According to Reuters, "Sony said on Sunday it would offer some free content, including 30 days of free membership to a premium service to existing users and in some regions pay credit card-renewal fees. Compensation would only be paid if users suffered damage, it added, without providing details."

One user in the story mentioned never trusting the network with his information again --- only using prepaid cards to access the system in the future.

That's definitely one way to block theft of your credit card information.

Some card issuers also offer "virtual credit card numbers" that allow you to generate a number with a preset spending limit and expiration date. That's valuable when buying something online, particularly from an unfamiliar vendor, because then they only have the temporary number --- not your actual digits. 

One word of advice, however: never use a virtual credit card for a purchase of international airline tickets, where you will be expected to present a physical card (with a matching number) when you are checking in for your flight.



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