A sad day for America

May 01, 2011

Thursday, April 27, was an extremely sad day for the United States of America. That a sitting president should feel the need to release his birth certificate in order to quell nasty rumors about his eligibility to hold office was shocking, but then to hear even that did not wholly satisfy the doubters, some of whom are now questioning his college records, is almost unbelievable.

I cannot help but think this is a result of prejudice. Because he is biracial? Has an unusual name? I had been hopeful that we Americans had progressed beyond that.

I admit I may also have been hurt because I am the grandmother of two biracial children who also have "unusual" names.

I did not vote for George W. Bush and was totally opposed to his decision to go to war in Iraq. Yet I never questioned his patriotism nor his belief that he was doing what he thought was right. Nor did I doubt his receiving an MBA from Harvard.

So what is it that makes so many of my fellow Americans unable to accept Barack Hussein Obama as a patriotic American and the bona fide president of the United States?

I am embarrassed by the ignorance of so many Americans and the continued exploitation of this ignorance by those who should know better, including the media.

This was truly a sad day indeed.

Elizabeth Howell Knorr, Annapolis

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