Make the lights, save on gas

May 01, 2011

With the price of gas high and taking a larger portion of our paycheck when we fill up, why doesn't the city make a timely, concentrated effort to move traffic more efficiently?

When I first moved to Baltimore seven years ago I was told over $30 million was spent to automate the city's traffic lights. This should mean if you continue to travel in one direction at the posted speed limit, the lights should stay green.

Instead, I often find myself stopping at every light, especially on Hanover Street. Did the city waste $30 million on a boondoggle?

Directing this expensive software would improve everyone's gas mileage to and from work plus reduce travel times. Less engine idling at stop lights would also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we put into the air.

Please make me a "green believer."

Ted Curtis, Baltimore

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