Which 1st-round QBs will wind up with what teams?

April 28, 2011

Demand tops supply

Ken Murray

Baltimore Sun

Nine of the first 15 picks in the draft belong to teams in need of a quarterback, which says demand is high. Supply is not, though, and it will be a surprise if more than four quarterbacks go in the first round.

Start with the obvious one — Cam Newton to Carolina — a decision that will keep the woebegone Panthers drafting early for several more years. Next up is Blaine Gabbert, and there's a good chance he goes either to the Cardinals at 5 or the 49ers at 7. The third quarterback to come off the board likely will be Jake Locker and he should go to the Vikings at 12, or, at worst, the Dolphins at 15.

The fourth quarterback to go will be a wild card — Christian Ponder, Ryan Mallett or Colin Kaepernick — and it will be to a team that trades into the bottom of the first round. That could be the Bills, Bengals, Titans or Redskins, whichever feels neediest.


Trades are wild card

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Some are predicting a first-round feeding frenzy on the quarterbacks, but it might end up more like a nibbling frenzy.

We can be reasonably assured that Cam Newton will be a very high draft pick, likely as high as one can be. The Panthers need a quarterback and are believed to be enamored with Newton's blend of talent and charisma. Next up is Blaine Gabbert, who is expected to be chosen in the top eight. The most likely suspect to draft him is the Bengals, but a team could move up for him as well.

Between one and three more quarterbacks should be chosen in the first round, but it gets difficult to predict who will go and which teams will grab them because of the potential for trades. Watch the Seahawks at 25.


Newton, Gabbert locks

Andrew Carter


While there are likely to be as many as seven quarterbacks taken in the first two rounds, only two — Auburn's Cam Newton and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert — are locks to be picked in the first round.

Newton might not even be the best quarterback prospect in the draft, but he is likely the best overall athletic talent. Nobody would be surprised if he went No. 1 overall to the Panthers. If not there, he probably wouldn't get past the Bills at No. 3.

Expect Gabbert to wind up either with the Cardinals at No. 5 or with the 49ers at No. 7. Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder and Jake Locker all have mid-to-late first-round potential, especially if teams like the Dolphins, Titans and Bills trade down — or up — to take them.


5 possible in 1st round

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

Three quarterbacks will go in the first 12 picks, and as many as five could go in the opening round.

The Panthers will make Auburn's Cam Newton the first pick, and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert will go seventh to the 49ers. The Bills (3), the Bengals (4) and the Cardinals (5) will be tempted to take Gabbert, but he will slip to the 49ers. Washington's Jake Locker will be the third quarterback off the board, going to the Vikings at 12. Both Andy Dalton of TCU and Christian Ponder of Florida State also could go in the first round.

Character questions will knock Arkansas' Ryan Mallett out of the first round, even though he might be the quarterback best suited to step into an NFL offense and play soonest.


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