Light rail choice proved Ruxton's elitism, racism

April 28, 2011

In the midst of the fracas over whether Shepherd Pratt can run a home for psychiatric patients ("Discrimination in Ruxton," April 25), isn't everyone forgetting Ruxton's intransigence when a light rail stop was proposed 20 years ago?

Not only does the light rail conveniently bestride the Ruxton commercial district, but trains stopped there for many years when there were few if any black passengers on them. But although the MTA more or less begged Ruxton to acquiesce to a light rail stop, the community refused to have any access via the light rail. This was clearly illustrative of their elitism and racism. And I doubt that attitude has changed in the last 20 years.

Of course there is not suitable parking to accommodate the Shepherd Pratt facility. There is never enough parking when everyone must have a car to get anywhere in leafy, lily white, overfed suburbia. Ruxton can't have it both ways, claiming there is not enough parking and manifestly denying people of color or modest means any and all access to Ruxton via light rail.

Paul R Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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