Tracking gas mileage: Consumer Website of the Week

April 27, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

There are lots of good reasons to monitor your car's gas mileage, not just when gas prices spike.

If you suddenly get fewer miles to the tank, it could be a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle, and a early trip to the mechanic might forestall greater damage down the road.

That's why we're bringing you Fuelly as our Consumer Website of the Week, discovered via Consumerist.

Create an account and enter data after you fill up, and the site will help you see how your fuel economy compares to both your past entries as well as that of other drivers who have the same make and model as you.

The site even has a mobile interface so you can enter your data before you pull away from the pump. And here's one more suggestion from a user: save paper by taking a picture of the data on the pump screens with your phone instead of copying it onto the receipt.

There's also a fuel purchase tracking option over at, which allows consumers to compare their data with the EPA's fuel economy estimates.

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